Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Journaling . . . It Could Change Your Life!

By Lisa Lelas

No doubt about it . . . we live in stressful and uncertain times. With health care a major issue for both insured and uninsured alike, professional organizing and life coach Lisa Lelas writes about the proven benefits of keeping a journal. Recording your feelings can be both therapeutic for your body and for your soul. It costs nothing but a few minutes each day.

There are many types of journals from which to choose. Exploring just one or two of the different journals described in the Spring 2010 issue of Scrapbooking & Beyond might be all that is needed to stroke your inspiration and motivation to take on yet another creative masterpiece.

So, if you need to get a few things off your chest, or perhaps to find a new source for inspiration, sharpen your pencil and start journaling!

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