Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter

I wanted to share one of my favorite Easter treats (other than anything and everything chocolate/peanut butter) - PEEPS. First of all their shelf life is FOREVER! Secondly, they have so many different shapes and flavors to choose from. (Note: At Christmastime the gingerbread men are delicious!) Finally, did you know some great Peeps recipes include peanut butter and peeps sandwich, chocolate covered peeps, peeps wrapped in bacon, deep fried peeps, and even a peep turducken (peep stuffed with a cadbury egg stuffed into a chocolate bunny.)

Ok,I'm sure I wont be trying any of those but I might try my hand at peeps smores. Toasting those little buggers over a camp fire - I bet the sugar coating forms sort of a crispy crust & the marshmallow insides get all melty & gooy! I'll save these for our campouts this summer!

Happy Easter!

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Heather said...

Ok, we made one of these peep smores this past weekend. They fluffed up beautifully and tasted awesome! I think JustBorn should market this!!!